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OVMGA is a volunteer run group of Oak Valley men golf members who enjoy the comraderie and fun of monthly tournaments.

We welcome new comers of all handicaps & abilities.

Annual dues are $20. For more information contact:


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Oak Valley Interclub Matches

In 2024 Oak Valley will participate in Three levels - Regular Interclub , Senior Interclub and Super Senior of the Carolinas Golf Association Interclub. This is sponsored by the Club, not the MGA.

Competition Scoring: Eight players for each team will compete in one of four "four ball" matches. Each team's players will be paired by ascending handicap index, into the two man teams, with strokes awarded off the low man in each foursome. Each four ball match is playing for 1 point per hole with an additional 2 points being awared to the winning side of each match. Therefore, in each Team match 80 points are in play. The team that wins a majority of the points (40.5) is determined the winner of the team match.

Players compete with 85% of their 12 month Low Handicap Index (Low HI). Players must also have a minimum of 20 posted scores within the past 12 months

At each match, the home team charges a cart fee only. No Greens Fees are charged. 8 players will compete each match, but unlimited numbers may play behind the match, we permit 20 to register.

An emphasis will be made to get all players who desire to compete included, especially new comers. Team Practice rounds will be allowed at cart fee only for the away team prior to the match. The OVGC team will make date available to all players prior to each Match.

Regular Interclub

Participation is open to all OVGC male members over 18 years old, having a USGA handicap, a minimum of 20 posted scores within the past 12 months, and a low index of 18 or less over the past 12 months.

Senior (55+) & Super Senior (65+) Interclub Teams

Eligibility includes being a male member in good standing at OVGC and at least 55 years old.

Hicks Senior 55+ Team   Vasquez Super Senior (65+) Team
4/25 10a Home Tanglewood   5/2   Home Maple Chase
4/30 10a Home Colonial CC   5/9   Home Bermuda Run West
5/7 10a Home Tanglewood   5/23   Away Bermuda Run West
5/29 10a Away Colonial CC   5/28   Away Meadowlands
6/19 10a Away Stoney Creek   6/11   Home Meadowlands
7/11 10a Home Stoney Creek   6/25   Home Maple Chase
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