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OVMGA is a volunteer run group of Oak Valley men golf members who enjoy the comraderie and fun of monthly tournaments.

We welcome new comers of all handicaps & abilities.

Annual dues are $20. For more information contact:


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Annual Match Play Tournament


2023 Match Play results Charles Johnson - 2023 winner
2022 Match Play results Cecil Moore - 2022 winner
2021 Match Play results Bill Merrifield - 2021 winner
2020 Match Play results Steve Showalter - 2020 winner
2019 Match Play results Ken Adams - 2019 winner
2018 Match Play results Michael Moore- 2018 winner
2017 Match Play results Greg Irwin - 2017 winner
2016 Match Play results Kevin Patton - 2016 winner
2015 Match Play results Ken Nurse - 2015 winner
2014 Match Play results Mike Cassel - 2014 winner
2013 Match Play results Tom Odom - 2013 winner

Match Play Rules:

Download rules here

Entries: Entry will close at first 64 players. Alternates will be accepted in case of withdrawals.

Pairings:All 64 players will be placed in 16 player brackets based on April 24th handicap index. A blind draw within brackets will be conducted April 26, 2024 at 5pm

Schedule of Play:
Opponents will have 3 weeks to play each round at a mutually agreeable time. It is encouraged to play early to avoid last minute schedule conflicts.

We encourage quick scheduling of your Round 1 match by May 12th, and no later than May 19th.

Generally speaking, Gary Hicks has weekend times at 8am. Memo Maquivar has times at 11am

Tees and Handicaps:
Players can play Black, Blue, Orange, White, Green, Gold, Silver or Red tees.

Use the GHIN app to determine each player’s handicap based on the tees they are playing. current handicaps. This will automatically adjust for the different tees. Handicap holes are determined by the score card.

The USGA Rules of Match Play are in effect. Ball is to be played down. However, if course conditions warrant preferred lies, and both players agree, preferred lies may be used.

In the event there is a tie after 18 holes, there is a sudden death playoff starting on #1. All strokes are applied where they fall.

Payouts: The final 8 players will be paid.

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